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At Adept Electronics we design and supply electronic equipment and computer software, mainly for the Fire and Security industry. We have, via our distributors, established a world-wide customer base with our industry standard ‘Odyssey’ graphics monitoring program.

Now we have introduced the VeloCharger bicycle smartphone charging system. Designed by us in the UK, this revolutionary unit is being produced in the state-of-the-art factory of our associates in Portugal. The factory is ISO9001 accredited, and uses the latest automated assembly and test equipment.

The VeloCharger Classic is designed for use with the familiar ‘bottle’ cycle dynamo, readily available from many sources.

The VeloCharger Hub model is more powerful, and is designed to work with hub dynamos.

Now you can use a GPS navigation app without running out of battery!

Welcome to VeloCharger

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VeloCharger - Available Now!

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